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Donating property such as Vacant Land Donations, Rural Property, Farmland, Land Contracts, Houses, Residential Property, Commercial Property, Industrial Property, Rental Property such as Apartment Complexes, Single Apartments and Condos or we can help with a Charitable Gift Annuity where you can receive an income stream for the rest of your life. We accept all kinds of other property including Car Donations, Boat Donations and even Airplane Donations… any of these donation ideas are an excellent way to help us help Veterans and their families.


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We’ll help you get the maximum Federal Tax deductions.


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Why donate Real Estate?

Tax Deductible For Appraised Value

The deduction can be carried forward for 5 years and amount of the tax deduction is determined by the current market value and not the price paid.

Avoid Major Expenses

Real Estate Donations can significantly reduce your legal and tax liabilities. Donating real estate rather than selling can help avoid some major expenses, headaches as well as other intangible benefits. For instance, avoid further income taxes, maintenance costs, ongoing property taxes. Or if the property was sold, brokerage fees, legal fees, capital gains taxes, estate taxes or inheritance taxes. In many cases it can be financially preferable to donate properties to a charity rather than sell it.

Help The Veteran Community

Donating your real estate through us, you’ll be providing a charitable benefit to the veteran community while also receiving financial benefits for yourself.

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